Why charities help us?


People that work for charities bring people together because they help raise money for the right charity there are lots of different charity’s all-over the place helping sick and wild animals. Charity’s help by donating to the poor but also making learning for like people in Africa that don’t know how to read or write.

This is showing you that a charity is donated to these in Africa and helped them read books like the picture is showing. Oxfam which is a charity that donates to this place helps because people buy books from the shops in the streets that’s how its getting across same with medicine and food needed.

This is a charity but I haven’t hared of this but it helps bring people together and socialise. Other charity’s they have clothes for people by putting clothes bins outside supermarkets and they go to people that are also poor but cant make a living. Because they find it hard to make money and buy clothes.

Salvation army does this and also they have it mixed in with shoes ever since the pandemic hit I haven’t seen any bins like this around anymore which is weird because charity’s need to support people and look after them but there are some out there that needs to stop this and leave charity’s bins out. Life isn’t normal around here because of the coronavirus and its tearing people apart there’s child charity’s that brings them together or talking to them or plays games with them to take there mind of this.