How do bones repair themselves after damage?


Are bones in are body are really useful and hard there is tissue surrounding and muscle forming a barrier around the bones so they don’t break they only do this if your in a bad accident. Bones are made up of vitamin d+ and calcium you can get tablets to help bones grow strong but milk can do the same.

This is showing tendons and ligaments of the human body they work with bone structures and make you move there are blood vestals and other muscles holding them in place. Your eyes don’t have any bones in so the move with muscles and blood vestals. Bones can repair themselves very well when people treat the patient with put plaster casts on there arms or legs. But if they have a spinal injury then you might break your spinal cord and ligaments and then you will be paralysed for life.

This women has propley had an accident falling from stairs or falling on the floor from fainting. This women is not well but they will take her to the nearest A@E. The NHS will look after the lady with a neck brace as well for a few months this helps straighten the neck so it can heal itself.