Why junk food is bad for you?


Junk food is an everyday food you eat it when your going out or restaurant but what you don’t relies is your harming your body your damaging your body by adding fat which sticks to your insides of your body and you get bigger and you wont be able to move or get a medical condition like diabetes because of these foods and you can die of heart problems , breathing problems and movement problems and shut down of organs.

This is a burger for example this is full of fats and calories this fills your body with fat and you can only break down fats with going to the gym and giving yourself a healthy diet so you can lose it. The fat is a horrible yellowy orange stuff that lye’s on the outside of inside wall of the stomach the more fat you have the more it stays there and you have to put up with it but carry it around.

This is what body fat looks like under a microscope its really looks you can get surgery’s to remove fat from the body its when they put a tube in you and drain the fat out. People can die anytime because there over eating as well because that can kill. There are also other options like eating food like making your own healthy recipes you can it but there’s also books and company’s to issue healthy food boxes out called diet boxes.