Why are people saying that they are worried about the Pfizer vaccine?


People in the population are having these moderna and Pzier non bio Tec vaccine and others but these two restenly have been causing issues for concern. People are saying that after having the doses or even one there causing people to die that’s what I researched on the daily news.

Apparently in the USA there’s been death with Pzier and moderna vaccine over 900 deaths apparently people are saying that this was related to people who were manufacturing them wasn’t doing the doses propley issuing them out. But study’s show that people that are vaccinated more with the two shots are getting covid more than people that haven’t had the doses. This aint write for the world because businesses must be well more high standard and not falling back on them selves because there putting people in danger.

I think people need to solve the vaccine crisis because many people cant have the vaccine because there worried about the consequences and the fact it can make you ill and have a anifeleptic shock. This means you can have a allergic reaction to the vaccination because myself I’m worried and I haven’t had it and really its saying its not safe its on yellow card and there having problems with it at the moment but the nova vax might be the safest one.