Food poisoning


Food poisoning is when you eat something that looks ok or not cooked and you get sick and dizziness the next day and for this you will need to take paracetamol or a mixture of honey , lemon , salt , ginger and much more.

This is an example of what vomiting looks like after food poisoning or just feeling sick you can use these types of foods to make you feel better and eliminate sickness and make you feel excessively better. Honey is not mentioned on this poster as a image but the honey is an antiseptic for the throat or sickness you can put this in anything.

You can get food poisoning really bad from wild mushrooms because people pick them out the ground and mistakenly cook them and they can then give you food poisoning and some mushrooms is toxic in certain ways. This family had mushrooms for dinner but after 10 minutes they all died at the dinner table. You cant really cure this because it just poisons the insides and effects the brain and you die.

Other foods like raw meat or egg is dangerous because you will be sick and have tummy ache and also be propley just don’t want to eat anything. Food poisoning will last around 2/3 days then you will be back to normal.

This is what Koreans eat I don’t know how people aint getting sick because its raw meat how and why do they have a secret.