Anorexia – medical condition


Anorexia is not a very nice medical condition to have because it effects the brain and your brains telling you not to eat anything because its shadowing you as a way. Not eating can cause a lot of problems like weight loss no muscle mass and you can also die. The human body if you wont eat cant fight off infection and get slower in stuff that the body is meant to do. The worst case of anorexia that I’ve seen is this women sitting on the coach she’s not dead on the photo but she could be now due to size and weight.

As you can see she’s wearing pull up pants made for kids because she’s really underweight and propley there’s no clothes that fit her. Doctors normally have a chat with patients suffering with this because they can also be depressed on not happy on the way they look to other people. Doctors will say to the patients you must go on a stricked diet to gain weight and you need to like fight your brain and say to yourself you need to eat more and people struggle. This can also cause anxiety in people they are sad and lonely people aged around 20/50s struggle with this condition. I haven’t seen any old person with this condition in my life people with this find it scary.