Why is bringing a child to the world a blessing?


Today child birth is a blessing because your bringing up new life and your child will  grow to be an adult and go to work and earn loads of money to support the property if supported by parents and if not they make another family and support there own well being.

You child is a blessing because they can help with chores and help with shopping for you if your ill or bed bound they also say 16 year olds they care for other kids for you if you aint got a farther or you cant move they feed you and dress you and take care of your needs. This is showing that kids are reading with the adults or helping them understand things.

An adult when a child is bought into this world everyone celebrates as well because some people say that a child is a blessing from god. That’s what Christians think because of there religion some religions said when this girl and boy was born one had a tail growth like a monkey and the girl was worshiped as a god same as the boy its what ever people want to believe and they had major celebrations.

This is showing that there are different religions they believe and act differently to child birth and care as a world we are one and people should not be resist but the children has a good opportunity in life learning in there languages and staying safe and looking after parents.