How much stress is enough and how does it affect us?


To much stress is really bad for you in this article I will explain why and explain what it does to your mental health status. The brain is called the cranium this is split into parts if you stress you feel bad and parts of the brain will be effected.

To handle your stress level you can speak to people like friends and family these can calm you down but talk to you and ask what’s happened and what’s the problem because when you feel low you don’t feel like you don’t really want to be by anyone but in reality you need to.

There are also tablets and medication to relive stress and also music can relive stress so does having a pet. Medication looks like this from your GP refuring to doctors.

This is stress relief tablets to calm down then your mind can go back to normal then you will have a healthy mind. You can easily get stressed if you are also at work doing office jobs , working long hours , working in medical centres or over night for these people they can sometimes get grouchy and have fatigue which is tiredness.

This is someone that’s got a lot of stress and needs to take little break from work because its effecting the person you need sleep and small breaks to make your stress be in a good mind and to not show. If people don’t get sleep there work standards will go down. This is the stress cycle for this person if not giving his brain time to have breaks.