How does Vitamin C help us?


Vitamin C helps us by growth development , repair of body tissues that are lost or takes care of the human body helping the brain and movement. Vitamin C is made to absorb iron and helps teeth and bones. The product from the chemist or doctor is prescribed as gummy form for kids , tablets or drinking supplement and in are every day life.


This is one form that I have shown to give an example of what vitamin C looks like in tablet form you can take these by having water with these. If you don’t have vitamin C in your diet you can die because you wont have the right vitamin in your body the risks is you can turn grey and you will feel ill and sick and then you will stop breathing and then collapse and there brain wont be any good because there’s nothing you can do.

This is a brain that is dead because its showing that this person hasn’t had much vitamins and didn’t get enough food your brain controls everything you do and if you don’t get enough of the stuff you need you can also pass out this is not good because it damages the brain then the brain can remember and make you pass out more often then you can get into a serious accident and die.

Vitamin C and other vitamins if took correctly can cure colds and tissue and bones and make teeth strong and have good mental health and well being.