How does it feel to lose a family member?


To lose a family member it can be pet or person related to you the only thing that most people face for themselves is pain and being upset. People when they lose someone sometimes has been in the same property and either been with them at hospital and they have just died this can be just death of old age or any illnesses what they previously had.

People speak to others and family members to see what the next step is they talk about mostly getting a funeral done and a party after the funeral to be happy for your loved ones and give them respect. When someone dies its hard for people to talk about what feelings you have because people can be very devastated and distressed because there gone but they can remember them by taking photographs of them and storing the photos in a box.

This is a little bit of text that someone wrote after they lost a member of the family its what is wrought that makes people happy and remember a lot this is expectable because you can also lay down stuff on there graves.

This is a memorial stone people after show mental problems like anxiety mostly after and that effects mental health people do see GPs on how to tackle this because it calms them and gives people comfort to live on.

This is a person showing anxiety and depression this is mainly after the funeral.