Why is socialising important?


Socialising is part of everyday life you speak to someone if your in circumstances which are not great or about your health in ways that you need to speak to doctor or normal people we see everyday. Socialising helps us make new friends and play with each other like at school but when were adults we phone call friends and hang out with them in pubs or anywhere like places to go like cinema and gigs.

But you cant really do the things that you want thanks to covid 19 it has been said that children and teenagers with a bad experience of life or them being depressed that means they cant see there friends anymore because of the pandemic and it has an impact on there mental health.

You can see this child is having mental problems because of covid 19 this suggests that she doesn’t have friends over or anybody apart from house hold. If there kept like this and not socialising they might get scared of talking to new people like I am I’m shy and don’t have many friends just 2. For myself it was hard to speak to anyone because I thought they were going to laugh or pick on me so know one talked to me back either.

Here you can see a table off the feelings people might be experiencing during lockdown and also people might argue with each other because there board or just sit there watching TV or going to bed most of the time. I’ve noticed peoples weight is going down and people are dyeing this isn’t good for health either.