Why is it important to get tested with this virus when pregnant?


With this virus its spreading world wide but any one can get it so if your pregnant and you have it you can make your baby ill and yourself and it can be dangerous because you can both die and have no chance of survival. To get tested propley you can go to GPs and just get testing kit from web site or people give them to you in the street or anywhere evadible. You can test yourself at the back of your throat in nose or possibly blood tests for pregnant women.

This is a testing kit if your pregnant and you have the virus you need to see the hospital near you because you will need scans and to take major precautions. It is important that you must have both shots before you think about getting pregnant because you can die , mechanical admission or be in ICU another part of the hospital these people are in major categories which means people needs to watch over them more often.

This above is showing and explaining that you need both doses its important worldwide there is a phone number at the bottom of the flyer call 119 if need to speak to someone or get help. people are also saying that should people that are already pregnant that hasn’t had the vaccine be having the jab because it says it can harm your baby and people are worried that it will make the child very sick.