What are the different types of diabetes you can get?


There are some forms of different types of diabetes , type 1 , types 2 diabetes is a dangerous condition if not handled correctly like if you don’t give them the right medication they can be come ill or if the medicine is either warm in the injection or discoloured. When you have any of these diseases you need to be careful in what you eat and watch that your blood sugars and glucose level isn’t high. If they are you will pass out likely and you will need the ambulance crew. Most people are getting diabetes in the USA state of America because that’s were a lot of food places with junk food lies.

This is a device for testing if your blood count is high or to low you test this by getting a pen which pricks your finger and a spot of blood will appier the a piece of paper inserts into the device then you put a little bit of blood on it. To use a incline pen your locate the muscle on your leg after putting the incline into the pen and then put it into your leg and push the button to put the incline into the body then the medicine will work.

This is the kit for both diabetes illnesses the food that people with diabetes should eat is fruit with low sugar and food that’s got low sugar in because theres a high chance that your in risk in a major accident.