Sepsis and how dangerous it is?


Sepsis is a very nasty virus that if your not carful you can turn a funny yellow colour and you will become ill with symptoms like headache, feeling hot and dizzy it could kill you or make you faint. If any of these signs show you must dial the ambulance service 999 because you need either someone to take you to hospital or service to take you.


This diagram shows you warning signs of symptoms before sepsis starts to infected your body. All of these are dangerous in different ways because each of these you have to also treat differently with sepsis there can be things that can also go wrong in the process while treating. Different medications can effect people in wrong ways and right ways people have got to be careful in what they give different people.

The first stage of sepsis is high temperature , rapid heart rate and fast breathing after that it gets worse because it goes into blood , oxygen and lungs and kidneys but this can clot the organs up gradually.

This is what sepsis looks like under a microscope from blood took out of a human this shows that the cells are getting infected and wont work well and shut down the human body slowly this is a very slow killer.