Delta 22 Covid and how to avoid it?


Experts warn that delta variant covid 22 is deadlier than covid 19 because the virus is stronger and kills more people. The vaccinations for this hasn’t been trailed yet because it was only found that the delta variant was only recently found.

This is the delta variant unforually the country that has the most of this variant is the UK how appalling. The other vaccinations however might work if you have the booster vaccine as well as the two doses of the Pfizer , oxford or moderna this means when you have the vaccinations you are protected but it don’t stop you from getting the variant or covid 22 or 19. It said that beta can protect us from this variant although it is putting a risk on the world and every person is dyeing because of the coronavirus.

These are also coronavirus cases that was discorved we had the alpha variant detected in 2020 but wasn’t shared with the public on news or anywhere I didn’t know until it was on the sun paper on the web site about the delta variant. You must were face masks for the variants to stop spreading for health reasons this is a big killer make sure you fellow the rules and this will return back to are world we know.