Why do we take medications?


Medications are everyday item that people had to take for everyone’s personal needs like if you have a long term illness for life you can get medication over the counter of the chemist prescribed by your doctor. Even though you this is not a medicine cannabis it is considered to be a helpful relief for stress and anger issues so people use this as medication.

This symbol above is to represent using this drug as a medication I’ve seen it used a lot with men and women that are also depressed. Normal medication are in tablet boxes and forms or bottles you can get these for coughs and colds and medication for kids and adults but some may have a funny effect with your mind mostly like cyclizing a sickness tablet meant to stop me from being sick but it was making me ill because the medication was not made for epileptics and my brain was shutting down slowly I stopped taking them when I felt pale and drowsy and shaky.

This was the drug that nearly ended my life half way though them luckily I read the leaflet and stopped just in time once I stopped it took weeks for my head to go back to normal even now I’m not all there and still feel the effects. We take medication to cure not nearly die people need to read before giving that’s my story. We support to take medication to recover and be healthy but covid jabs are saying that people after two doses are getting covid 19 from them quicker.