Loving your pet


Loving your pet when your ill can give you relief because if you have a cat or kitten you can love the pet and it can comfort your needs and your emotions. So if your feeling that you are in a situation were you cant talk to anyone you can love your pet instead and feed it and play with the pet with toys you bought this makes you feel happy but also if your getting a new pet you feel excited to see a new face in the family as what people call there pet.

Pet are also important because I watched a you tube video of an eldly women it was her birthday of course she opened the present and inside she found a adult black kitten when she saw it the kitten bought a smile on her face. People in care homes raise money for pets and people but also they raise money for people to bring pets to care homes so they can love them because there board.

Any pets is cute because they start either out fluffy or with know fur and there just to small to play with them with toys like a ball or string. But if you love them you cant really neglect them other wise they can turn nasty like a dog for instance they can bite and lock jaw.

If you give raw meat to this animal it can turn nasty and bite you and people as well around you.