Charities are helpful because there’s many for example clothes bins for people that don’t have many clothes and that are poor same with food. Other charities like Oxfam and water aid is made for people in climates that don’t have water or supplies but these can be a book charity shop this relates to Oxfam they donate money after people have bought the books. The charity’s donate by also getting new items into there shop by having donation bags and stuff brought to them.

Other charity’s do differently like food ones for instance they donate still and raise money also and feed people that don’t have a job and live on the streets these bags above is raising clothes to help children with life threating cancer. Food banks however look this when people are getting help. They help collect foods in boxes in supermarkets and other places but London has also little brown bags with stuff in that’s donated.

These are what the paper bags look like they will have food so they will feed the people in need like homeless people. This mail is a service done by delivery by van or car they would need address and number telephone wise and postcode and door.

There is also charity’s like water aid and animal charity’s the water aid one is raising money for people to drink clean water like in Africa and other places that don’t have any water supplies. Animal charity’s raise money because its for different vets and animal sentry’s for neglected animals.

This is the well known one that people know of.