Brain damage and how does it affect us?


Brain damage is a common thing in mental health because when you have this by either hurting yourself , accident or someone attacked you it doesn’t make your health any good many people can easily be confused after these side effects. If for instance you hit your head on something hard like a step or concrete at the back of your head and you instantly feel dizzy and sick you will need to go to the NHS hospital close to you and I will explain why.

When you have an accident you will feel like passing out if not careful your brain is protected by your skull but it is fragile because people have actually split there skull open and bleed to death. Or you may have a bleeding in the brain you will need to get a scan of your brain to do this the NHS will issue you a letter for a brain scan from GP or doctors.

This is showing a women going into a brain scan device it goes in and you stay in there around 45 minutes. This propley brain scans your head this machine contains radiation to scan your head now one else can be in the room when you are getting it done.

The damage that you do to head depends if its going to be an easy recovery or a slow recovery or you paralysed. If paralysed there is not much you can do for any reason apart from sit in a wheel chair and let everyone do every thing for you.