Watching movies


The way that we watch movies is that we watch them with friends or family and also when we go out to like cinemas or 3D pictures were you can watch films in 3D this is called an Imax centre. You get glasses to look at the screen you can even buy the tickets in a 2D cinema to watch a 3D one at the movies. You can also watch films on DVDs or blue ray on your devices people are interested to find out what the movies about and what happens.

This is a painting but this is what we feel like when we experience in watching movies because we see though the movies. When people have watched a film most people have enjoyed it being in watching the film and some people wont its there own opinion. There is choices what people watch but you need to pay at the cinemas but in my opinion you can get the DVD and watch it for free overtime. Its not cheap going cinema all the time because even though its fun it spends more money off your bank account.

You can travel to places and you will notice there are different sorts of cinemas and tickets there all different in ways and also you have different movies to watch like horror , adventure , crime and children’s and more people love this trip as a good day out.