When your painting you could express your emotions on to paper , canvas and other artistic ways like on the computer graphically like photoshop or just create something on canva a site on the internet. Expressing your emotions down you can create colours like blues and blacks for depression and for happiness yellows , reds and other bright colours. These are called showing your mood on drawings to people.

This is a image even though its got blue in it you can still get calmness coming out of the portrait because you can almost feel it in the image. And it looks like the artist has done a story board and this is some of it. The painting is called moonlight cherry blossom. Also people painting fashion as well as taking photos these are done worldwide and people resive good money for them got to say though you feel relaxed when painting it lets out your moods easily and you can listen to music as well while painting.

This helps people concentrate if your doing painting also there are different ways to add colour to your work water colour , pastel , paint , charcoal , chalk but you will need spray to stick it down so it don’t smudge.