Homelessness – people on the street


People are raised in all sorts of property’s like flats , houses and hostels. People knower days are on the streets there are a lot when I’m walking around the city centre and coming back from work. People shouldn’t be living on the streets because its filthy and there’s lots of trash all over the floor. I have seen people under roofs under buildings and in cardboard boxes and sleeping bags or by bins out side food stores or shopping centres.

These you can see this man is homeless he is in poor health and condition because he has nothing to eat and clothes by him or money. These people must have depression problems and its not good. They don’t have help from the NHS or any service because there not signed on with them. Although the only service for the homeless is hot meal service which is run by charity’s across the region.

This above you can see is a charity that helps feed the homeless people a hot meal every day it brings people together so they can communicate with each other. Charity’s also raise money to put these sort of people into little homes with a key so there in the warm and dry because card board is not water proof.