Childcare is important because when you bring children up you need to take care of yourself and the child. You will have had people talk to you on different ideas and stuff to bring a child up. Some adults bring there child up to a certain age but then leave them and then there adopted by other that wants kids this is when they adopt them at the centre and take good care of them. Some children can be young and some under 16.

Some children are out on the streets in places like Asia , china and around them areas the kids feel like they are not wanted anymore this means there crying and hungry but sometimes they don’t know what’s happening around them and they can hide or be taken by strangers.

Little Girl Sits in a Huddle on Some Old Stone Stairs

To take care of a child propley you need to feed them a healthy diet so they function propley and play games with them and do activates and try not to abuse or ague with them. You can also take your kids to school to learn for when they get older and get a job in life this helps them active what they need to do and graduate. When they have a job they can buy a house and be safe inside and in enjoy life instead of having a rough childhood and life.