Reading is a way to express yourself and relax your emotions because you can read and either use your imagination or do sketches from this or just get inspired to read more books. There are different types of books you can get which is children’s, seniors, comical and other books to get your head around an adventure.

Reading can in different ways can make you interested because in some there’s colourful images more in children’s books these are an example. This up above is a classic popular children’s book going for years the book authored by Eric Carle.

Adult books or comics can be a mixture adventure,crime,war and other stuff these could be interesting because each book has a different story. Mystery, clues and wonder mixed into one. Like if it was a crime book it would make you think if someone was killed you would want to know who killed who and what happened and the moral of the story and what is going on. 

These also can be read these are news papers they tell you what’s happening in the world today and recent but also in different circumstances. You can find different papers like the sun, guardian and other news papers they all cost under £1.00 because these contain blogs that are small and small print in writing and there interesting to read when people have the time.