Pregnancy and childbirth


Pregnancy in a women’s life is something forward to because you are bringing a new life into the world there are though some procedures and precautions if your having a baby. What you got to realise is that you will need check ups and scans to help you go though this.

These will be done by the NHS health service its best to check if you are ok and you have any miscargaes present this is what a scanner looks like.

This the NHS staff will care for you when in hospital or if your in trouble they will hospitalise you.

You get scanned every month to see how your baby is getting on to see if there’s any birth defects most pregnant women have a good child birth but 1 in 100 or more don’t.

Being pregnant you need to have a healthy diet and as well you cant smoke or drink any alcohol while pregnant as it can harm your child.

There is a way you can still smoke when safe and that’s using a vape pen or put smoke patches on your arm to stop you from smoking.

This way your not effecting the child or yourself because if you miscargae it will be your fault because your drinking and smoking and you will be killing life.