Alzheimer’s – mental health


This is a mental health condition were you have in the brain and you will need someone to help you with everyday tasks throughout the day and in your life there are also charity’s to help with this condition.

The Alzheimer’s charity can help raise money for the people who have this mental illness can get help and help others receive people to help the ones with Alzheimer’s understand and learn what they had lost memory wise. People from charity’s can look after them and take them to parks or day outs so they can enjoy it also they can make them meet people from family and they can talk to them if they remember them you can also show them memories off your phone or photographs that’s how they will remember more.

People normally get this mental illness at the age of 70 or up this image above is showing that this women is scared of what might happen to her next because she looks like she’s worrying about it. This image as well you can tell that she feels lost because the memories are going. People with Alzheimer’s like soft toys and things to make them happy like a new pet like a dog or cat.