Epilepsy my story


I would like to tell you about the life I had with my condition epilepsy I will tell you about the main diagnosis and what to do when you have this. You must understand with this condition you must take a lot of precaution. With this condition you must call 911 to alert the ambulance crew to take you

to hospital and you will then be took and treated at one of the NHS hospitals’. It started in 2006 when I was playing my computer and all of a

sudden I sort of blacked out twice I didn’t know what was happening my parents called the emergency services and was told to get took to the hospital for treatment.

When you have epilepsy for the first time you will have to stay in

hospital for least 6 months this is what I did after that I was seeing the consultant and seeing how I was when I was put on the medication called sodium valproate. This is a similar type of medication into what I take but its the medicine in a bottle these are in tablet form. Because of the medication I haven’t had a fit recently and I have been well ever since. This is a treatment which can be sent over by you GP to the chemist.

This is what a cross looks like for a chemist you will see these dotted all over the country

and also there are charity’s for every illness.

The charity’s are people who raise money for any illness and they help with solving and testing around the illness to make people better.

This is the inhaler that I was put on when I had epilepsy.