Covid19 vaccinations side effects and safety you should know


The covid 19 vaccinations you can get different ones Pfizer, oxford and the other vaccines some cause serious effects and research shows some people are dying after the oxford ones because its giving them blood clots in the heart, in the arm and other places.

The Pfizer vaccinations effects after the first dose is headache , tiredness , nausea and fever. These are common in the first dose the second vaccination is when you start to feel muscle ache and fatigue like you don’t want to get out of the bed.


This table shows the side effects that can happen. There have been some stories that people have died it was saying that a women had two vaccinations died an hour after reseving both covid Pfizer jabs.

But still no one knows what caused the death or reaction. Everyone needs to think carefully before having these because for some reason the nova vax is approved and the others not I don’t no why I think people need to do more research on these two vaccinations. Novavax is a vaccination that has two doses in one this you don’t have to have both injections its only one.

Some people said that the covid jabs also recently was effecting children according to study there are a few deaths in children in the USA. Every one must take safety precautions if getting the injections because apparently the Pfizer vaccine makes a rare outbreak on your heart and forms a barrier this can kill because it stop the heart from pumping blood.