Pollution in the air that is affecting us


Pollution from outside can also come from cars and vans this can also effect the climate and carbon foot print. The pollution can kill people there can be different types of pollution like ash dust, pollution gas, toxic fumes or fire smoke. Here you can see that a bush fire has broken out this is releasing fumes into the atmosphere this can also happen inside a house and make people die, burn or suffocate.

This is showing that the lungs are damaged by the smoke and fumes let off by the fire and that means that the oxygen is not that great because the oxygen is minimized. However the pollution coming out of cars and vehicles is a different pollution there’s either deiseal or petrol in the vehicle they both let off bad pollution but there’s now buses that save energy and there electric and save power

because they turn off automatically. This is one of the buses that don’t put harmful pollution out of the vehicle this wont harm your breathing. However gases like toxic ones can kill you but if you go to hospital you can probley survive its a fifty fifty chance.

This is the sign you will see if you are in a danger zone. The gases can be dangerous and are different colours you can get carbon monoxide alarms put in your house and fire alarms.