Music – how it can help mental health?


Music can help with stress and if you are feeling depressed or focusing on doing something like lying down, art , reading and exercising. Apparently music can help with mental conditions for epilepsy for instance you can listen to music and study’s show if you listen to Mozart’s music it prevents fits from happening. Music can

also tune out peoples bad words towards you and make you feel happy over time.

This is showing a mind listening to music and expressing by being free nothing to worry about. Music can make you want to express your creativity and describe what your feeling with art.

This showing that colour also helps you relax because seeing this also makes you calm there are also charity’s and places for people to listen to music and also they raise money. You can also go on camping trips where there’s music and dance and activities to make you exercise you legs and arms and play instruments around camp fires and chat to people out doors.

This is people having fun around the camp fire. They are setting it up at the moment but they might sing around it with music.

While reading you listen to music to silence out peoples voices so you can read in peace when you are in a library.  This is showing that she is reading but in silence. It is optional for music if you wanted it on.