Rubbish in the street can effect are health and animals but also plants. These can be effected by putting rubbish in streams and just putting it anywhere. Some of the rubbish for example like plastic rings from cans can get stuck around the animals neck. In the animal this can cause death or breathing difficulties.

This is not good for the environment as the place can become dirty and not a good place to live. People nowadays have been dumping rubbish everywhere they shouldn’t and should

put in trash bins or recycling bins if paper.

This here is showing that this bin is overflowing this is not good as this family needs more bins. When you recycle you don’t waste paper these can be turned into other products out of it rejuce,reuse and recycle.


There also different charity’s to help with litter picking with people they pick the litter that’s off the ground and though it away.

This is a picture of a animal which is a seagull this one has managed to get a beer can ring stuck over its head this is dangerous they would normally try to catch the bird get this off then tag it with a little chip.

Peoples breathing can be effected because the air will be contaminated with bad air from the rubbish and waste they can get lung problems, chest problems and asthma problems you will need to go doctors or GP to speak to someone to get inhalers.