Photography is with a camera you can do this in art and design or a job or just for fun you can take pictures of plants, animals and people or anything that you will like to take then if you want you can edit them on photoshop. You can edit the pictures by on camera or on photoshop you can change the colour and hue of the images and change resolution this means change the size.

Someone took this with picture with the squirrel standing on a camera you can digitally edit this the size of these looking like this.

These are showing the different sizes of changing picture size and the percentage of each image next to it.

The sizes can range from bigger and smaller this can alter the image and make it pixelated or bigger so its not. So the image will in fact become clearer to see and analyse.



You can change the picture and edit it by using photoshop and change parts for a different picture i will show this.





This you can see half of the picture has been edited and the other not. You can see it looks better bright not dark this is also called hue. Doing this sort of thing helps you relax and makes you feel good in the envorement and the things around you and surroundings. This activities can make you talk to people and work along side them. Because you also gain experience from editing, working with others and knowing how to use the camera.