Beauty and personal care


This article will tell you how to care for your personal self with maybe products remedies or general day to day actives that you do like brushing your teeth every day. Beauty care is like buying beauty products like makeup , shampoo , hair products and other products or care products.

Espley women take care of there personal hygiene well by going to have a wash in a shower or bath they use either bath bombs , bath salts or other good smelling products to care for your skin.  This is a picture showing a relaxing bath tub for women or men.

This is a bath bomb what women put in the water and it explodes into cleaning foam for the body to get cleaned.

The other personal care that people do for fitness is yoga with a mat and they either



meditate or stretch in different ways. Beauty products like make up which can be lip stick , eyeliner or any make up products. These are mainly used by women if they want to its choice really.