Food and recipes


You can get a food plan of healthy diets, recipes and food to make your diet balanced or to make and enjoy. There are different types of food that has different newtresion in them and nurturance to help with your diet as well.

Fruits and vegetables are really healthy but you don’t want to eat to much of the stuff because you will get diarriea, bloating, acid reflux and much more and eating to much of fruit mostly for diabetes patients because there blood sugars either to high or to low which is really dangerous. You can also get liver disease from eating to much fruit and vegetables.

There are also different other types of foods spicy , original like anything without spices , cold food like salad and much more. These types of foods some of the you can cook and some there already made so you can just put them on a plate and then eat it.

This is a curry this can be created by looking in a recipe book and copying the recipe and creating it again and again from reading the instruction’s. People make food in restaurants for customers and staff this is when they make money on what ever business there running. These types of foods are considered to be in festivals like Indian ones.




Foods that give inspiration wants to incurge us to make new foods for restaurants that if liking they will put the new foods on the menus.