Travel nowadays is good in different ways like you can travel by air, bus, train and other ways. it will explain costs and different things that go on while your on the travel service now.

Traveling is good for work because you can take trains which you buy the tickets if you don’t you can get fined on the train. The officer can take your details and you can go to prison if you don’t pay fine. Trains are quick in a straight line if you don’t know the stops if going to a far place for me I am in Stirchley but I didn’t know how to get to five ways so it was easier to take train it cost £25.90 for weekly ticket.  You buy these from ticket office.

There are tickets for buses and you get them from the driver. The tickets cost £4.00 day saver after 9:30am and £4.60 before 9:30am. If people travel on the bus without paying to get on the bus they can be taken off the bus by police and fined.

You can travel to work by going in trucks, cars and vans. You don’t have to pay because your driving the vehicle. But if you park in a space on double yellow lines you will be fined. If not paid police will question you and either arrested you or take the car away.

This is showing that the car is being seized this is because they haven’t paid the fine in a result the car will be scraped and wont be working again for any one just for parts.