What to do if you have a cold (NHS)?


There are different types of ways to make yourself feel better when you are ill. for advice there’s services from medical doctors over the phone and face to face only now when needed because of Covid 19. So they have put restrictions down on seeing doctors for certain things like ear syringing or seeing them for a small appointment that’s not needed or wastes there time.

Because of Covid 19 the medicines you can get from your doctor will be through the phone to go over to the pharmacy to be prescribed instead of prescription.



This is showing that a doctor is prescribing the prescription for medication this used to be the process but they changed it to phone.

Medicines and drugs can help with pains, cold and flu symptoms but even long term illnesses. Tablets and medicine can help colds not antibiotics you need to drink plenty of water and vegetables and fruits. This overtime will help you get back to normal and get back to your healthy state.