Domestic violence


Domestic violence is when a man abuses a women and is hurting her this can happen to women as well because women can hit other women as well. If this happens they will have to get in touch with someone to help them with this like social services or police if a man hits a women to many time this is called domestic violence.

Here in this picture you can see that a women is scared in the corner of the room because the man is going to hit her this isn’t safe because he can also be swearing at her but also

she can have kids. Here the kid doesn’t like the shouting from the parents and you can see them fighting this is when social services get involved and can take away the child because of this.

This here is a new signal signal during covid for domestic violence for women.



When you see this signal the police will be called and the abuser will be arrested for domestic violence and sentenced to years in prison from a local police court from the law judge. The number for domestic violence services is this below.


This is the hotline for the company women’s safety services over rights to have women free of violence.

If there’s women that’s been in domestic violence they can also be offered by social services apartments and shelters to stay in away from violence.