Blizzard staff storm out amidst sexual harassment claims


The geniuses behind longstanding IPs such as Call Of Duty, Tony Hawk’s Pro skater and World Of Warcraft are in hot water over accusations of sexism and even harassment. They were sued last week by the state of California over allegations they violated state workplace protection laws.

Female employees went as far as to describe a “frat boy” culture, the lawsuit outlined. Activision proceeded to deny the allegations,  claiming they were “distorted and in many cases false”. On Tuesday, Activision’s CEO said the initial response had been “tone-deaf”.

Employees protested outside the company’s campus in Irvine on Wednesday. Some were captured holding signs that read “women’s voices matter” and “fight bad guys in game, fight bad guys IRL”. On social media, a slew of gamers said they would not login to anything related to Activision Blizzard during the walkout in solidarity with employees.

The lawsuit housed accusations of inebriated harassment of female employees by male colleagues or supervisors, alongside a culture of ignoring complaints and retaliation against ladies who made them, and widespread discrimination against women in areas such as equal pay and promotion opportunities. The lawsuit found that women make up only 20% of Activision’s staff.

Take a stand against giant companies and their abhorrent mistreatment of women. “we all came from a woman, got our name from a woman and our game from a woman” – Tupac