48m pledged in hopes of improving adoption services


Check out the latest £48 million plan proposed by NAS (National Adoption Strategy) which aims to reform adoption utilities and place more children in loving homes around the UK.

Education secretary Gavin Williamson was quoted stating, ” there is no substitute for a loving, permanent family”.

According to reports from Charity Adoption UK, almost 3000 children are waiting to be adopted around the UK, with the average wait time amounting to 15 months from the point of entering social services.

Councils are now being pushed to prioritise an adopter’s capability to provide a stable environment for a youngster to grow up in, government reports.

Child minister Vicky Ford claims that the latest funding will ensure the plain of support is identical across the country. She then went on to challenge common misconceptions, such as the need to be in a couple to adopt or if one has to own their own home before considering adoption also.

“We are devoted to strengthening adoption options, as well as deconstructing barriers so that parents from all walks of life can adopt and ensure they’re not dissuaded from adopting because of their background” Mr Williamson added.