There are different types of cancers that grows anywhere in the body these can do damage and usually kill you but you can get the right treatment for the body and parts from seeking advice from the NHS and web browsers or a call.

Advice for cancer over the phone talking to someone about it in these tough times can be comforting to people because people panicking can calm down about cancer that they have

This women has cancer in her ovary on the right this is serious because it needs removing soon as possible because it can effect her period cycle, hurt in pain and probably effect birth cycle seek medical advice.

If you seek the NHS appointment or doctors appointment they will give you a testing kit if it comes back negative you don’t have cancer if comes back positive you have some form of cancer somewhere. To know where the cancer is and spreading you can take a scan or MRI or CT scan to find the cancer you can receive this by the doctor when you have been given a note.

These are blood tests that also are another test these can detect cancer in early stages of forming in the body.

If caught early you can get treatment called chemo therapy this is when they shrink the cancer inside the brain with radiotherapy and other cancers with drugs from the pharmacy.

A lot of people die of this terrible disease so people should be careful.