Health and wellness in people


This is talking about how peoples health is during days around the country when working, healthy lifestyle, being healthy and staying fit. Day to day life can be challenging sometimes because you need to do work and sometimes people overwork and sometimes pass out from lack of sleep this is called insomnia you can treat this by changing work hours unfortunately you brain wont be healthy.

To stay healthy the NHS services can provide excellent service when needed to help injured and major injuries. These people will go to A@E department.

Healthy life style consists of eating healthy and exercise is also important. Giving your body the good amount of exercise makes your heart pump faster and makes you lose weight what you gain.


Here’s a picture of healthy stuff that should be eating in your diet. This diet chart on the right shows you what to eat during the day.

Exercise you do this every day to burn weight off as well as eating right exercise can though make people out of breath and have asthma attacks you can treat this with inhaler from your G.P from doctors surgery or hospital pharmacy if prescribed.





These are images showing the help and the logo of the NHS and doctor helping patient breath probably from corona or breathing problems.

Corona is a deadly disease it attacks lungs and breathing and the virus looks like this under a microscope.

The microscope can see these and the virus spreads people to people without warning.