Get a grip: tips on keeping your cool


Ever felt like you were ready to explode with rage at any given moment? Do you struggle with episodes of fury? Are you in a constant state of aggression? Maybe you wish you could escape the shackles of resentment and let it all go.

First,  recognise that anger is a standard emotion. It is completely natural to feel angry from time to time. However, a constant state of outrage has adverse affects on mental health, destroys personal relationships and work relationships as well as opportunities to network (no one does business with a fellow who takes offense at everything). Below are some methods to help quell the agitation surrounding your daily life.

The first (often trivial) method is to take deep breaths. According to clinical psychologist Mitch Adams, when rather mad, you often experience feelings closely tied to your flight or fight response system: adrenaline starts cascading, muscles tense up, your heart rate increases and your breathing quickens. Taking deep, methodical breaths diverts attention away from whatever’s angering you and de-escalates the situation.

There is also mediation. Hirano and Yukawa discovered that folks who practiced mindful meditation 5-10 minutes weekly displayed decreased brooding rates and a general improved mood just four weeks on from their experiment. Often, finding a quiet space and  taking time to come to terms with what you’re feeling and WHY you’re feeling so can works wonders in the immediate situation: you are removed from the cause of stress and have delegated time to understanding the reason why it is causing you to get so irate to begin with.