Dumb Voice

Exasperated and left alone within a health crisis beyond the borders of humanity


Dumb voice
In prayer to the ***
A voice shut like prison bars
within a thousand acres pasture land
Trailing echoes reverberating on rolling hills
Distance covered like flight in time left behind

Where is confidence, surety and absolute certainty
Foolish man I am, to dream dreams of stupidity
Pleasantness was never mine
Gripping and groaning makes me what I am

Brown, solid grey, silver slitter of night
Breaking endurance, destroying tripe
Like sudden flight amid sonic sounds
That only blind bats hear and eagles cannot see

Dumb voice echoing my life and life itself
A broken arrow in flight – my reality
Gravity that’s pulling upwards like volcanoes erupting downwards
Similar to the darkness of the sea where the sun runs free from its burden of light

No more will the grass cover the Earth
Fruit bearing seeds must become dry leaves
Chaff that never was in the wind

Dumb life, dumb voice, confounding lies
My birth is a miscarriage of justice
an unwanted cell that fell from a last pump
A projectile that is a mistake
Like a dumb voice
A prayer to the ? sign